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The best way to get Fulcrum: Season One is to buy directly from the J.J. Vega Shop. That helps me out the most and ensures that you’re interacting directly with me. Also there are cool things there that you can’t get anywhere else… like a signed copy!

Of course, if you prefer to buy books from a book store, you can do that, too. Fulcrum is everywhere!

Fulcrum: Season One

A fourteen-year-old bar owner, a cagey fugitive, and a badass monkey. When magical mayhem meets bloody brawls, can they survive the violent darkness?

Jack wouldn’t trade his brutal life for anything. Hardened by the merciless nature of war, he’s carved a dangerous niche running a post-apoc saloon frequented by cybernetically enhanced mercenaries. But the kid’s cocky confidence gets shaken when a teen girl blasts through his wall and ignites a gruesome, gun-toting, building-destroying showdown.

Cleaning up bounty hunter body parts, he makes a pact with the young lady whose supernatural fighting abilities are mysteriously magnified by his longtime capuchin companion. But when their off-the-track town is invaded by a fearsome army and the price on his new friend’s head skyrockets, Jack’s in for a penny and about to be out for a blood-stained pound.

Can he scheme his way out of the chaos before he takes a fatal last call?

Fulcrum: Season One collects the adrenaline-fueled first seven episodes of the Fulcrum dystopian technofantasy mashup series. If you like cunning heroes, magically bent bedlam, and non-stop action, then you’ll love J.J. Vega’s ferocious adventure.

Buy Fulcrum: Season One to punch out the truth today!