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Fulcrum: Season One

Jack loves his life. Yeah, he lives at the edge of a warzone between armies of monstrosities. You call it dangerous. Jack calls it Tuesday. Folks in town aren’t too keen on a fourteen-year-old running the only bar, but Jack has it under control. Maybe his customers trash the place more than he would like, but sometimes cybernetically enhanced mercenaries need to blow off some steam. With the help of Zeke—friend, mentor, monkey—Jack serves drinks to anyone who comes through his door. And for the right price, he might even sell you something with a bit more kick … something magical.

When Corva gets knocked through the wall of his bar, Jack decides to help her out. Sure she’s being chased by a pack of bounty hunters and she’s got no idea why. But she can fight. Holy hell, she can fight. Jack could use someone like that to keep a little order in the bar. That should be a win-win, but Jack’s and Corva’s problems are bigger than either of them can guess, big enough change the course of the war.

Fulcrum is a post-Armageddon dystopian science fiction fantasy with a taste of anime. Technology, magic, and a badass monkey. The drinks aren’t on the house, but you’re welcome to stay until last call.

Note: This is not a YA story. This dark future is violent and contains profanity.

The best way to get Fulcrum: Season One is to buy directly from the J.J. Vega Shop. That helps me out the most and ensures that you’re interacting directly with me. Also there are cool things there that you can’t get anywhere else… like a signed copy!

Of course, if you prefer to buy books from a book store, you can do that, too. Fulcrum is everywhere!